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Promoting Kids' Health Through Frozen Yogurt

Small children are notorious for being picky eaters, and it is always a challenge to get them to take enough for their daily needs. While milk by itself may not be too much of a problem, a more complete alternative to milk would be yogurt which does not only supply them with the calcium and protein they need but also the probiotics that will help them in their digestion and boost their immune system. While frozen yogurt is perhaps not the same as natural yogurt, it is definitely a much better source of calcium than regular ice cream. A toddler of two years old requires 500 mg of calcium a day, which is equivalent to about a 4 oz serving of yogurt, and a 4-year-old will require 6 oz a day. A child which is used to daily servings of yogurt will develop a taste for it that they will carry with them into their adult years, and this is a healthy habit as explained frozen yogurt. With their taste for yogurt cultivated, it is no hardship for them to adopt a well-balanced diet as they grow older, although peer pressure may sway them towards “empty” calories such as sodas and other sweets. Fortunately, hanging out in frozen yogurt and other small business establishments has become a popular trend among young people who are increasingly eschewing the excesses of the previous generation. This is good news for parents, who are always looking out for their children’s health. Parent should also be aware that aside from healthy snacks, children should get enough exercise and to develop social skills through interacting with their peers. While young, bring them to places where they can get what they need and make them want it. Read more about our health and nutrition publications to help increase awareness in the importance of proper nutrition for children.